Featured Non-Profit: Australian Youth Orchestra

During the month of April I’ll be donating 10% of the proceeds from my original artwork sold to the Australian Youth Orchestra.  The AYO is a not-for-profit organisation training young musicians from around Australia!

AYO Mission: To empower young Australians with musical knowledge and imagination and instill in them a love of music and a dedication to the highest standards of performance.

Creative Partnerships Australia has endorsed AYO’s vision for the future and will match dollar for dollar every donation they receive by 25 May 2015!  Purchase any available painting from kimleutwyler.com and 10% will be donated and matched for AYO.

Want to help AYO directly?  Donate now to AYO’s Gift Match Appeal and your gift will give twice!

DreamYard: Featured Non-Profit for March

A friend recently introduced me to DreamYard, a non-profit trying to raise money to send Bronx-based Theatre students to France in order to collaborate and perform. It’s a great opportunity for young people to interact across cultures in a new and life-changing way. I had the pleasure of performing at the Fringe Festival in Scotland with my High School Theatre group, and can say with certainty that the experience changed the way I viewed the world at the time. 

During the month of March, 10% of the profit from my original paintings sold will be donated to The DreamYard Project. Feel free to check out/donate to their project directly at their crowd funding page.

Here’s an expert from their mission statement:

DreamYard uses the arts to inspire youth, public schools and communities. DreamYard programs develop artistic voice, nurture young peoples’ desire to make change and cultivate the skills necessary to reach positive goals. By committing to sustained learning opportunities along an educational pathway, DreamYard supports young people as they work toward higher learning, meaningful careers and social action. – See more at: http://dreamyard.com

Pencils of Promise

During the month of February, 10% of the profit from my original artwork sold will be donated to Pencils of Promise.

As you can imagine, this non profit started with giving the gift of a simple pencil. Today, PoP works in Laos, Guatemala, Nicaragua and Ghana and to build over 200 pre and primary schools in remote and underserved regions. Each school was made possible by a person, a family or a company united by the goal of creating a better world through education.

For more information on this program see:
Pencils of Promise.






‘Home Free’, my upcoming group exhibit as part of Midsumma Festival in Melbourne


You’re invited to my upcoming group exhibit Home Free, as part of the official Midsumma Festival lineup! Opening night is January 22 from 6p-8p at Gasworks Arts Park in Melbourne, Australia. I’ll be exhibiting 2 large paintings in line with the theme Home Free, Don’t Be Afraid of Your Freedom.



From the show’s manifesto:

Selected GLBTIQ artists are exhibiting artworks that showcase what makes them glad to be living in Australia right now. Despite not being able to legally marry yet, Australia still has a much higher level of community acceptance and inclusion than the 76+ countries with anti-homosexuality laws.

Draconian Countries
(see a map installation of these countries in the Angela Robarts-Bird Gallery)

76+ (more like 81) countries with anti-homosexuality laws. The International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association, or ILGA, lists 77 countries with criminal laws against sexual activity by lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or intersex people (LGBTIs), but that’s an understatement. A more realistic list is 81, including Indonesia, where two large provinces outlaw homosexual acts, as well as political entities that aren’t fully accepted by the international community; Gaza/Palestine; the Turkish-controlled northern portion of Cyprus; and the Cook Islands, a self-governing country whose residents all have citizenship in New Zealand. On 11 December, 2013, that total increased by one – to 82 countries with anti-homosexuality laws – when the Supreme Court of India reversed a lower court ruling that had suspended enforcement of the law. But in January 2014, North Cyprus repealed its law, thus returning the total to 81.

The total would actually be 82 countries if you were to include Russia, which does not have a law against homosexual acts but is in the midst of an anti-gay crackdown on the basis of its new law against “gay propaganda.”

Phoenix Assistance Dogs of Central PA

Screenshot 2014-12-11 15.11.21

During the month of December, 20% of the profit from my original artwork sold will be donated to PAD.  Phoenix Assistance Dogs of Central PA’s mission is to locate and train puppies to become assistance dogs for individuals living with a broad range of disabilities, who are unable to train their own assistance dogs.  Highly trained assistance dogs provide greater independence in the lives of those individuals living with disabilities. PAD also assists individuals in finding and training their own assistance dogs if they desire to train their own dog.

“I feel passionately that the success of the partnership between canine and human is dependent upon the dedication of the partner themselves and their desire to live with an assistance dog. I am devoted to supporting my community all of the way from finding suitable puppies that are already within my region, as opposed to having a breeding program and to working individually with the person in need of assistance.”– Director, Linzey Zoccola

Congratulations to Renee Heller, who purchased one of my art prints, “Abstract Watercolor”, donated to PAD for a fundraising auction! 100% of the proceeds were donated directly to PAD.


New Painting and a Published Interview

I’m happy to share that a new dino-portrait is underway, and one of my recent interviews has just been published on Grafik Jäger, a blog about all things design and art! In the article I discuss topics like how and when I became an artist, why I moved to painting rather than continuing print and sculpture, and wether or not my works are best described as ‘sexual’. Check it out here!


Queer Dinosaur: Journey As Destination Kickstarter

Queer Dinosaur: Journey As Destination by Kim Leutwyler — Kickstarter.  1 week left to raise $3200.  Become a backer now!

Creating a new series of 12 transhuman paintings and participating in an exhibit as part of Melbourne’s 2015 Midsumma Festival!

I am thrilled to have been invited to participate in ‘Home Free‘, a visual arts exhibition at Gasworks Arts Park in Melbourne, AU. This exhibit is part of the official program for Midsumma, Melbourne’s annual Queer Celebration.

I’m creating a new series of 12 transhuman portraits with dinosaur heads, a significant departure from my ‘traditional’ LGBTQI nudes. I’d love to take you on this adventure with me! Your pledges will help me to create this new series by funding materials and expenses, as well as covering the costs of shipping two of my existing paintings to and from the Gasworks Arts Park Gallery. A significant part of your pledge will also go toward making and shipping your rewards (over 60%). I’ve got my art on a ton of cool pledge rewards ranging from prints, clothing, cases, decor and more! Backers at the highest pledge levels will be able to choose one my original paintings to own!


The second portrait, painted during this Kickstarter campaign
The second portrait, painted during this Kickstarter campaign



I would love to attend the Festival and opening night in person! If the goal is exceeded I’ll fly down from Sydney to Melbourne to see the show in person and explore the diverse range of events at the Festival.


Midsumma Festival is made up of events and activities including visual art, theatre, spoken word, cabaret, film, live music, parties, sport, social events and public forums at over 85 venues for 3 weeks from mid January to February. It’s best described as ‘an impassioned celebration and innovative presentation of queer arts and culture’ and I can’t wait to be a part of it!


Here is the manifesto for this year’s exhibition theme, Home FreeWhile Australia still has a long way to go in reaching equality for our GLBTIQ community, Australia still has a much higher level of community acceptance and inclusion than the 76+ countries with anti-homosexuality laws. Home Free will focus on the things that make you glad to be living in Australia right now. Home Free will be a joyful celebration of our vibrant GLBTIQ community.


This year I created a painting for the 2014 Archibald Prize, Australia’s most prominent portrait competition. Although I did not make it into the top 50, I was honored to have my work viewed by the trustees on location at the Art Gallery of NSW. The painting is a self-portrait reflecting on my journey thus far in Australia. The patterned background is comprised of over 200 tiny landscapes from my travels throughout Australia. It seems like the perfect fit for ‘Home Free’, and I look forward to having it displayed at Gasworks Arts Park.

Journey As Destination
Journey As Destination


There are so many great options for backers of this project.  Here are just a few examples of the cool stuff you can receive for being a part of this journey with me :)  Take a look at KimLeutwyler.com to find all of the artwork you can choose from to go on your rewards!  I’ll send a preview of what your reward will look like before shipping ;)

Examples of Pledge Rewards
Examples of Pledge Rewards
$900 Pledge Rewards