Upcoming Art Show in Sydney

Come along for my opening night on 12th July in Sydney with art from 17 artists, music from Mnmlych and Ben Richards, select wine and a digital discovery experience (bring a smartphone or tablet to open the virtual doors behind each original artwork).

RSVP essential at Artfuly’s Eventbrite page and share with your friends using the Facebook event.


Barbells for Boobs

During the month of June, 50% of the profit from any of my original artwork sold will be donated to Barbells for Boobs.  Their Mission?

To Save lives through the early detection of breast cancer, regardless of one’s age, gender or ability to pay. Barbells for Boobs is a non-profit organization that provides funding to pay for breast cancer detection services as a last resort for thousands of people who don’t qualify for assistance elsewhere.

For more information, check out the Barbells for Boobs website.



Mamafrica Designs

During the month of March, 10% of the profit from all of my original artwork sold will be donated to MamAfrica.  Their mission?  To establish healing arts programs that will create economic opportunities for women in the Congo.  Violence against women is epidemic in the Democratic Republic of Congo.  Connecting these female artisans with the world establishes self-empowerment, community and sustainability.

Yo-yo-earrings“Mamafrica Designs is a non-profit organization based out of Bukavu, located in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo. Our mission is to change the lives of the women and the future of the children that have been most affected by conflict in Democratic Republic of Congo. We take a holistic approach to creating this change by providing education, healing arts programs and economic opportunity.” – MamAfricaDesigns.com

Want to learn more about MamAfrica Designs?  Visit their website, Facebook or Instagram.


Heaps Decent

For the month of February PhilanthropArt will be featuring Heaps Decent, an Australian-based arts organisation working to nurture the creativity of young people & emerging artists from marginalized & disadvantaged communities.

logo“By providing resources and opportunities, Heaps Decent supports the development of high quality Australian music with a unique identity. Heaps Decent aims to be nationally and internationally recognized as a creative connector of young artists, a producer of innovative music and instrumental in the unification of the Australian music scene.” – heapsdecent.com

You can find Heaps Decent music programs at Australian schools, juvenile justice centers, drop in centers and studios. They also run arts projects with partners such as Shopfront Contemporary Arts and Performance, the Sydney Opera House and the Department of Juvenile Justice.

10% of the profit from original artwork sold in February will be donated to Heaps Decent!  If you believe in this cause and are looking for some new artwork, head on over to KimLeutwyler.com and pick out your favorite piece!


You can also get in touch by leaving your name and info here! 

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