Education is the root of change

For the month of July, I will be featuring Kenya School Libraries Program/Books Build Hope. KSLP is a non-profit organization with the mission to enhance the educational opportunities for the next generation of Kenyan students through developing libraries and creating relationships between communities in Kenya and the United States.

“Why libraries? Libraries represent centers of independent research. In order to address the pressing needs of Kenya and its citizens, we believe that every student must become critically minded and self-empowered, more aware of the human experience. In creating libraries, we are creating opportunities for students to learn, expand, and connect. We believe that education is the root of change.
The Kenya School Libraries Program (KSLP) is an initiative created in 2008 by Alex Grossi, Michael Kenyon and Hannah Brown. 

We invite you to join us and find us on Facebook!” —KSLP

I have donated a painting for their auction in July, and all of the proceeds from artwork sold this month will be donated to KSLP. Kenya School Libraries Program has Partnered with Books For Africa. KSLP will now take the lead in fundraising and distribution, while Books For Africa collects packages and ships materials. In this new partnership, will send 2 books to a Kenyan School for every dollar they raise!!!!!!!!!!

For more info on the organization, please visit them at:

-Kimbo 😉

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