Ashley Pruneau Fundraiser at Letizia’s Fiore

This month a portion of the proceeds from my artwork sold will be donated to the Ashley Pruneau Fund. Trying to get the word out and help a friend in need.

On Saturday, July 1, 2012, an unknown attacker viciously assaulted Ashley Pruneau with a hammer while she was alone inside her apartment.

Ashley suffered numerous blows to the head during the assault, and the attacker left her to die. Fortunately, she was discovered and was rushed to the hospital in time to save her life.

Letizia’s Fiore hosted a Fundraiser – $15 donation pp went 100% to Ashley’s fund for her recovery, medical bills etc. Letizia’s Fiore provided wood fired pizzas and Moretti beer for all attendees. Silent auction and More.

Please take the time to post this link to your walls so we can send as much help as possible. If you didn’t make the fundraiser, please use the link below to do what you can.

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