Bicycle NSW | Creating a better environment for cycling.

For the month of June, 10% of the proceeds from my artwork sold will go to Bicycle NSW | Creating a better environment for cycling..

Check out their mission statement below!!

Bicycle NSW is

“creating a better environment for cycling”


Demonstrating thought-leadership on bicycling and transport-related issues through our project proposals and policy positions.

Lobbying Government organisations through a variety of actions.

Communicating the Benefits of Bicycling.

Promoting bicycling to the widest audience possible through a variety of programs including bicycle events, behaviour change programs and promotional activities.

Building a directory of valuable bicycle informational resources and an advocacy knowledgebase.

Leveraging networks of like-minded organisations and individuals.

a better environment

A culture with significant community support for bicycling.

Measurably greater participation in bicycling.

Visible and measurable improvements to infrastructure that supports bicycling such as roads, bicycle paths and end-of-trip facilities (parking, showers, lockers, etc).

Improved consideration of bicycle users in all policy and planning processes.

Integration of bicycling with all other modes of transport through appropriate design and policies to encourage multi-modal transport options.

for bicycling

For all bicycle users and potential bicycle users in NSW.”


As a biking enthusiast I’m very excited to be supporting this non-profit. Now go hop on your bike! 🙂

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