Kilimanjaro Challenge for Plan

For the month of August, 10% of the profit from any of my artwork sold will be donated to Plan, more specifically to Jordan Goodchild’s Kilimanjaro Challenge for Plan.

Jordan is a genuine and selfless individual, who also happens to be a friend of mine! He will be traveling to Africa this year for two reasons:

1. To climb Mount Kilimanjaro for a good cause.

2. To make an in-person donation of over $4,000 to Plan.

Jordan will be funding this trip at his own expense, and all donations made to his Plan fundraising page will be donated directly to the food program! Great stuff 🙂

Plan, with the support of the United Nations World Food Programme, is coordinating school feeding programs across South Sudan and Cambodia in over 600 schools, ensuring thousands of children are adequately fed – and educated.

In the long term, Plan will be working in these two countries to provide seeds and tools to grow crops and raise livestock, train farmers on improved techniques, implement irrigational and gardening projects and assisting communities to improve their water harvesting and food storage and techniques.

Plan is an organisation working to empower communities to overcome poverty. By actively involving children and working at the grassroots with no religious or political agenda, they are able to unite and inspire people around the globe to transform the world for children.

Check out more at:

Jordan Goodchild’s Kilimanjaro Challenge Page

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