Phoenix Assistance Dogs of Central PA

Screenshot 2014-12-11 15.11.21

During the month of December, 20% of the profit from my original artwork sold will be donated to PAD.  Phoenix Assistance Dogs of Central PA’s mission is to locate and train puppies to become assistance dogs for individuals living with a broad range of disabilities, who are unable to train their own assistance dogs.  Highly trained assistance dogs provide greater independence in the lives of those individuals living with disabilities. PAD also assists individuals in finding and training their own assistance dogs if they desire to train their own dog.

“I feel passionately that the success of the partnership between canine and human is dependent upon the dedication of the partner themselves and their desire to live with an assistance dog. I am devoted to supporting my community all of the way from finding suitable puppies that are already within my region, as opposed to having a breeding program and to working individually with the person in need of assistance.”– Director, Linzey Zoccola

Congratulations to Renee Heller, who purchased one of my art prints, “Abstract Watercolor”, donated to PAD for a fundraising auction! 100% of the proceeds were donated directly to PAD.


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