DreamYard: Featured Non-Profit for March

A friend recently introduced me to DreamYard, a non-profit trying to raise money to send Bronx-based Theatre students to France in order to collaborate and perform. It’s a great opportunity for young people to interact across cultures in a new and life-changing way. I had the pleasure of performing at the Fringe Festival in Scotland with my High School Theatre group, and can say with certainty that the experience changed the way I viewed the world at the time. 

During the month of March, 10% of the profit from my original paintings sold will be donated to The DreamYard Project. Feel free to check out/donate to their project directly at their crowd funding page.

Here’s an expert from their mission statement:

DreamYard uses the arts to inspire youth, public schools and communities. DreamYard programs develop artistic voice, nurture young peoples’ desire to make change and cultivate the skills necessary to reach positive goals. By committing to sustained learning opportunities along an educational pathway, DreamYard supports young people as they work toward higher learning, meaningful careers and social action. – See more at: http://dreamyard.com

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