Donating 25% of proceeds from sold paintings to HRC: Help continue the fight for marriage equality in Australia #LoveWins

This ruling on marriage equality means a lot to most Americans, and it’s setting an example for the rest of the world. As an American living abroad here in Sydney it’s been really interesting to see the reaction from Australians. It’s a rainstorm of mixed emotions: Support of the ruling (72% of Australians support the legalisation of gay marriage). Embarrassment that Australia is now one of the only developed, English-speaking countries that doesn’t allow same-sex marriage. Outrage that Prime Minister Abbott refuses to allow members of his ruling coalition to vote their conscience on a bill to legalise gay marriage across Australia. 

 I’m overjoyed that my partner of 5 years and I can travel back to the United States and legalise the marriage that we celebrated with our friends and family over 2 years ago. I also recognise that the fight for marriage equality isn’t over. HRC published an article today turning all eyes on Australian Marriage Equality, and they’ll soon call on Tony Abbott to free up members of Parliament to vote on the matter. 

In June 2010 I established PhilanthropArt, featuring Phoenix Pride as the very first non-profit to which I would donate the proceeds from my artwork sold. Phoenix Pride’s mission was to promote the history, diversity and future prosperity of the Phoenix LGBT community (of which I was a member). In the past 5 years PhilanthropArt has featured over 50 non-profits, making donations ranging from $20-$2,000 each time an original artwork sold.  


To celebrate 5 years at PhilanthropArt and to thank HRC for their continued push for marriage equality worldwide, I’ll be donating 25% of the proceeds from my original artwork sold to HRC through the end of July. Check out for available paintings and reach out via if you’d like to purchase a painting in support of a good cause. 

Hope you are all happily celebrating marriage equality for the good ‘ol USA! #LoveWins


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