Donating proceeds to ACF in the month of June

It is up to the people of Earth to speak out and act in favour of a world where nature thrives.  Trump is freeloading on a global scale by removing the US government from the rest of the world’s commitment to solve climate change.

During the month of June I’ll be donating 25% of the profits from my original artwork sold to the Australian Conservation Foundation. This non-profit is creating a powerful movement to drive real change and hold decision-makers to account. 

“We work with community leaders, social movements, Indigenous people, economists, businesses, governments and people everywhere who care and are willing to act.” – ACF

Not interested in an original painting? There are many other ways to get involved and make an impact. You can start small by bringing your own coffee cup to the cafe or bringing reusable bags to the grocery store. Or you can dive in head first by volunteering to make banners, write letters, run events, do research, organise mail outs, and having conversations with people to encourage action. 

This is our world. Let’s look after it.

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