About PhilanthropArt

PhilanthropART is a project by artist Kim Leutwyler.  Kim’s idea of “success as an artist” has always been to change the world through artistic vision and funding for non-profit organizations and the arts.  She aspires to emulate artists like Robert Rauschenberg, in their dedication to philanthropic efforts.

Because Kim works a full-time “big kid job”, she is able to donate a portion of the proceeds from her artwork sold to a new non-profit organization each month.  She hopes to eventually include other artists in the project.  Feel free to suggest new organizations or provide feedback via PhilanthropART.info@me.com, or by connecting with PhilanthropART on Facebook!


One thought on “About PhilanthropArt

  1. Ak akkawi says:

    Hi! I write for a newspaper/online publication called KaleidoPress it focuses on the creative community in Sydney.
    I would love to write a feature about you, your work, your creativity, your inspirations, philanthropart.

    If you have time, I’d love to organise a time to sit down with you and have a chat about your work.

    You have my email.

    Thank you,

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